This plant is anti-cancer in benefits and properties. It also cures other issues and tumors too. But, this plant is a prevention or cure for already affirmed types of cancer (all of them).
Resultado de imagem para graviolaThe juice soursop can be consumed as a healthy choice but still the taste is just regular. For those with gardens and yards, plant it right now.
The tree is called Guyabano/Graviola and it is from Brazil. In English is soursop and in Spanish is guanabana. It is a short low tree and the fruit pieces are really large. It has a whitish pulp that is sweet and used for making juices, sherbet or other sweet things.There is a fruit from guyabano/Graviola tree (Sour Sop tree) and is known to be a great cancer destroyer. It can be even better 10.000 times more than Chemo.

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